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Our T&K Certified Brake Safety Experts at our Addison Automotive Brake Repair Service Center are dedicated to providing you with the best brake service in the marketplace. There's no one who cares more about your safety than T&K, serving Plano, Dallas and Addison.

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How Do I know?

Its important to note that there are two ways to determine whether or not your car brake pads or disk pads (red) will need to be replaced. 

disk-brake-assemblyVisual Warnings

If you see that the depth of the pad is less that 1/4 inch. Start planning on a Brake Pad Replacement. You need to replace it soon!

If you see that its less than 1/8 inch, then there isn't any time to waste. You are getting really close on damaging the disk / rotor (green). You need to ASAP.

Audible Warnings

If you are hearing a screeching sound when you put your foot on the brakes, this is a bad sign. You are overdue for a brake reline or brake pads.

But, if it sounds more like scraping or grinding of metal (like metal to metal), then you are damaging your rotors. You need to immediately get the brakes fixed. If you are lucky, you will just need to get the rotors resurfaced. But if judged by the damage that the rotors must be replaced, then major damage to the rotors has occured. Damaged Rotors are primary reason for costly brake repair and will increase the cost of the brake repair by 400%..

Understand, changing your brake pads too soon is much better than changing them too late. That way you will avoid more expensive repairs as well as unsafe driving!

T&K of Irving Brake Repair Service

Your brake system is a critical safety feature in your car, truck or SUV. Annual inspections and proper maintenance are important in order to ensure your safety and to avoid costly failures to the brake system. Our T&K certified technicians will examine the entire braking system pads/shoes, hydraulic fluids, rotor/drum wear, calipers and wheel cylinders, brake hardware, hoses and lines, master cylinder, and the anti-lock system for vehicles so equipped.

If you notice any of the signs of possible brake failure:

  • Squealing, grinding, other unusual noise when you apply the brakes,
  • A brake pedal that can be depressed nearly to the floor,
  • Or a brake warning light that stays lit

Have your brake system checked out as soon as possible.

T&K Auto Brake Services includes:

  • A thorough inspection of your vehicles entire braking system
  • Worn pads and shoes replaced
  • Wheel bearings repacked as needed
  • Lubrication for specified components
  • Rotor and drum resurfacing (may need replacement if wear is excessive)
  • Replacement of other components based on findings of inspection
  • Old brake fluid is replaced with fresh fluid
  • Adjust parking brake
  • Road test to ensure the entire braking system is operating properly

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